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Rawcliffe Grange Stock Farm

We are fourth generation farmers on the original Beachell farm. My great-grandfather came here from England in 1889. The county in England that they came from was called Rawcliffe County, hence our farm name. We have added to the land base over the years, but the original 480 acres has always remained in the Beachell name.

I have been in the cow-calf business as well as grain farming since graduating from the Diploma Course in Agriculture in 1973. I started as a commercial cattleman and decided to start in the purebred hereford business in the early 1980's.

The foundation of my herd came from Oak Summit Stock Farm in Brandon, Manitoba owned by Stan and Sharran Habok. I bought my first 12 purebred females from Stan and Sharran and have been in the business ever since. I sold my first bulls at the Lundar Bull Sale in 1987 and in 1988 won my first banner with a 1450 lb yearling bull that was Reserve Grand Champion at the Lundar Bull Sale.

Currently I run a herd of 40 purebred cows. I AI some of my top cows each year and use some of my own yearlings as clean-up and have bought herd sires in Saskatchewan, Ontario, and from the Lundar Bull Sale.

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2017 Good as Gold Sale

Friday, December 1, 2017 | Brandon, MB

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A Lifetime in Rosser

A Narrative by Alan Beachell

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2016 Good As Gold Sale

  • Winchester Cattle Co. (St. Ambroise, MB)
  • Fossay Herefords (Woodlands, MB)
  • Blair-Athol (Arcola, SK)
  • Tyler Scheirlinck (Boissevain, MB)
  • River Valley (Newburgh, ON)

2016 Lundar All Breed Beef Cattle Sale

  • Tom Johnson (Oak Point, MB)
  • Frances Kwasny (Teulon, MB)
  • Don Venasky (Thunder Bay, ON)
  • Winchester Cattle Co. (St. Ambroise, MB)
  • Cole Dalton (St. Andrews, MB)

2016 Sales Off the Farm

  • Blair Mistelbacher (La Broquerie, MB)
  • Murray Last (Argyle, MB)
  • Greg MacMillan (Marquette, MB)
  • Dean Kostiw (St. Francois Xavier, MB)
  • Lanard Zushman (Vita, MB)
  • Allen & Erika Dalton (St. Andrews, MB)
  • Khloe Stocki (Fisher Branch, MB)

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High Selling Bull

2016 Lundar All Breed Beef Cattle Show & Sale

Rawcliffe Grange Stock Farm

Sold to Tom Johnson (Oak Point, MB) for $8,300.

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